Malkieri History

Okay, this is my best attempt at recalling the total history of Malkier, #malkier, and everyone in-between. The dates are probably way off in some (most) cases, and dead on in others. If you remember something differently, feel free to email me corrections.

A Few Notes

Don’t accept dates in this as 100% fact. They’ll probably change after a few people get a good look at them. People with a better memory than me.

Dates in this document take the form MMM DD YYYY (eg: Nov 11 2004). This appears to be the only semi-international format.

Most of the events before 2002 happened on This place ran a hacked-up version of IRC and the server software contained many, many exploits. Most of which were found by members of #malkier. They never got fixed, so we left. This server also had little (zero) administration. This meant that the toughest person on the server was the toughest person, period. It was really rather tribal, actually.

The “services” and “stats” programs mentioned before 2004 are probably Cygnus IRC Services and OperStats. Both were originally written by skold and I later ported them to TS5.


Names in this Document

This is a brief listing of the most commonly-mentioned names in this document. In nickname-alphabetical order:

November to December, 1999

January to May, 2002

June, 2000 to May, 2001

June to October, 2001

November to December, 2001

January to May, 2002

June, 2002

July, 2002

August, 2002 to Febuary, 2003

March to August, 2003

September to October, 2003

3 November to December, 2003

January to March, 2004

April to May, 2004

June to July, 2004

August, 2004

September to November, 2004

December, 2004

January, 2005

Feburary to April, 2005

May, 2005

June to October, 2005

December, 2005

January, 2006 to 2008

2009 to Present

Oh, and, by the way:

-!- phreaked [[email protected]] has quit [Killed (Justin (HORSE FUCKING))]